Web/Interactive/Big Seed


Did you know that 87% of the home Internet users in the United States now have broadband connections! 1


With broadband penetration this high, the Internet is no longer a point-click, point-click medium. It is a full-color, full-motion, press-start-to-play rush of immersive content that throws open creative possibilities that were unimaginable just a few years ago.


Sounds exciting, and it is.


But we at Visuality understand that the flip side of immersion is overload, so our approach to Web, interactive, and big seed development balances targeted messaging, usability, and stability with creative, unconventional, and unexpected design and interface elements.


So what are Web, interactive, and big seed?


Web is Web sites, online games, Web banners, targeted Facebook ads, optimization for search engines... You name it, we've designed, developed, placed, hosted, and measured it. We have great creatives out there backed by an incredible depth and breadth of solid, stable code, all tied to industry-standard systems for measuring usage and effectiveness.


Interactive is a lot like Web, except it's delivered via CD or DVD. Since pretty much all bandwidth limits disappear when content is played directly off these media, the sky's the limit in terms of interface, audio, and video. Done right, we can deliver immersive interactive experiences in full HD quality. Pretty cool.


Big Seed is an offshoot of viral messaging. With viral, we put something clever or controversial out on the Web, and we wait (and hope) it catches fire and is spread everywhere - sort of like a virus. If that sounds like a plan that relies on being hit by lightning - so to speak - you're right. To stack the odds a bit more in our clients' favor, we use Big Seed. Big Seed relies on a steady stream of messages sent to a core group of known stakeholders that are receptive to viral-like creatives and are willing to spread your online media around - kind of like planting a seed in good soil, tending the shoots, and watching something grow and flourish. Big Seed reduces risk and can have big payoffs, especially as part of a larger integrated campaign.


Contact Visuality today so we can help you unlock the potential of these evolving messaging media.


(1) Pew Research Center (pewinternet.org), Feb 2014 survey