About Us


Visuality started out in 1995 as a computer graphics firm riding the forward edge of the desktop 3D graphics wave (remember all those spinning logos?). Although it was really convenient and productive to be able to roll out of bed and into the office, our staff eventually outgrew the converted porch at the back of the house. In 1998, we moved to a custom-designed studio space with room for offices, TV/radio production and postproduction, and a place to hold client meetings without taking over the kitchen table. Today, Visuality continues to grow as a full-service, concept-to-completion media strategy, consulting, and production company with national reach.

We have offices in both Madison, WI and Boston, MA. Our Madison office is home to our custom-designed media production facility—including state-of-the-art HD television and video edit suites, audio production facilities, a web and interactive production center, and media design space.


Although we have offices in the Midwest and East Coast, Visuality’s team of strategists, writers, designers, producers, production crew, editors, web developers, and buyers have travelled all across the country. Our clients can depend on seeing and speaking with company principals Glenn Chung, Jay Sapiro, and Chris Micklos on a regular basis; they're never more than a phone call away and more often than not even closer than that.

Of course, we're never happier than when we help our clients succeed. We've helped shape public opinion on some of the most important issues of the day. We've helped advocacy groups and progressive coalitions win important legislative victories. We've helped member-based associations and organizations grow, connect with their members, and realize their goals. We've helped businesses build strong brands. And every step of the way, we've made sure that our clients felt they made the right choice by choosing Visuality.




Glenn Chung

Glenn Chung is Visuality's Director of Design and New Media and has extensive practical experience designing broadcast graphics, computer animations, web sites, print graphics, and interactive computer-based presentations.

Glenn holds a Master's of Business Administration degree in Operations Management and Quantitative Analysis from the University of Wisconsin School of Business. From 1993 to 1996 Glenn provided comprehensive strategic, marketing, and business planning services to a variety of business clients ranging from start-ups and sole proprietorships to larger companies like EconoPrint and Plastronics Plus.

In 1995 Glenn founded Visuality as a computer graphics firm. Visuality provided services to clients like Cellular One (now U.S. Cellular), the Dean Foundation, the Laborers, and the Operating Engineers, and won awards for the quality of its work. From those beginnings, Glenn has shepherded the growth of Visuality into a national leader in full-service, concept-to-completion media consulting and production.




Jay Sapiro

Jay Sapiro is Visuality's President. In addition to consulting with clients on brand and media development, Jay serves as Visuality's Executive Producer for all electronic media productions.

Jay holds a Master's degree in Advertising from Miami University. Prior to joining Visuality, Jay was the President of a media production firm, where he also served as Executive Producer and Director. During that time, Jay worked with many leading organizations, businesses, and political candidates.

Jay's work at Visuality has been recognized by the American Advertising Federation, the American Association of Political Consultants, the National Education Association, the International Television Association, and the Design Council of America, among others. He has been recognized by In Business magazine as a top executive in their “2009 Executive Register” and a recent “40 Under 40” list which features the leaders of tomorrow.

Jay is a member of, or holds positions with, the American Association of Political Consultants, the American Society of Association Executives, the Madison American Advertising Federation, the Media Communications Association International, and the United Way of Dane County.




Chris Micklos

Chris Micklos is Visuality's senior strategist, working with clients through message development, strategic planning, and direct consulting.

Chris holds a Master's degree in Political Communication from Boston's Emerson College.

Prior to joining Visuality, Chris served as spokesman and communications strategist for Wisconsin's Senate Majority Leader. He has also worked as a strategist/advisor for a number of other sitting elected officials and political candidates, including those holding or running for the offices of Mayor, State Representative, State Senate, Congressman, and Governor.

Chris is a member of the American Association of Political Consultants. He has taught political communication in the University of Wisconsin system, and has frequently appeared as a pundit on public affairs programming. In addition, his writing on politics has appeared in a number of state and national publications, including Campaigns & Elections magazine.