We've designed a developed our own e-learning platform. We call it MENTOR, for Multi-user E-learning Network. MENTOR is focused, easy to administer, and includes video, supporting graphics, timed transcripts, and quizzes/tests.

We've tried many of the large e-learning platforms. We've deployed many for clients. But these platforms emphasize flexibility and a massive feature set at the expense of usability. Being able to accommodate a huge variety of learning content sounds great, but confused students and course admins often disengage and leave online learning content to gather dust.


MENTOR is an e-learning solution that emphasizes ease of use. MENTOR is focused, with a video-based teaching engine supported by useful tools like dedicated screen space for graphics and links, guided course progression, video timeline notes, and scored tests. For course admins, creating courses is an easy process, with clear controls and a visual interface. MENTOR even allows admins to create videos right inside the system and we store everything securely. We can customize any MENTOR install with additional reporting tools or integration with an existing organizational login system.



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