Reduce the cost of administering training.


Reduce travel requirements.


Offset budgeted expenses.


Increase member or stakeholder benefits.


Rinse. Repeat.


E-learning brings all of this to the table, while at the same time offering flexible, easy-to-use learning tools to any student with Internet access. And with broadband access available to nearly 80% of active Internet users in the US, incorporating full motion video, animated depictions of complex processes and assemblies, and interactive visual and auditory instruction can really allow e-learning's strengths to shine.


Visuality has set up e-learning applications across the country that feature real-time registration and payment processing, complete browser-based course editing and administration tools, multiple language support, full motion video, and comprehensive student tracking and reporting. We've even integrated live instructors with online drop boxes for student assignments, individual feedback sections for each student, system-triggered e-mails to alert instructors when student content arrives, and automated reassignment of students when instructors go on vacation.


Visuality's simple yet powerful MENTOR e-learning system can help you connect with and engage members of all ages and experience, and can help deliver quality professional development courses on your members' schedules and at their convenience. 


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Will your organization be the next to reap the benefits of e-learning?