Virtual Rally


Given today's budget and economic realities, along with increasing demands on members' time, it can be a daunting task to organize and execute any large-scale shared event -- a rally, a protest, a march. Yet the sense of connectedness, belonging, and purpose -- not to mention member involvement and action -- that emerges from these types of events is so compelling and energizing that organizations benefit enormously over the long run.


With the nationwide proliferation of broadband Internet access and a population enthusiastically embracing all sorts of experiences online, Visuality can offer a compelling, less-costly alternative to live shared events: the Virtual Rally.


A Visuality Virtual Rally is more than just a static Web portal or repository for online content to which members are invited at a specific time and date. We can provide multiple components for an online Virtual Rally Web site that encourage member action (send emails to legislators, sign a petition, invite others to the Rally, etc) as well as a true shared experience during the Rally period (videos with specific Rally messaging, continuous online polls with real-time results, graphical representation of members, etc). Over the course of a Virtual Rally, attending members truly become part of an engaging, entertaining, and inspiring real-time event.


In addition, a Visuality Virtual Rally includes comprehensive planning and timeline tracking to ensure the Rally happens as planned, pre-Rally media to membership to encourage attendance, and an entire suite of creative services to create and deploy all the necessary videos, audio clips, online polls, games, giveaways and other Rally components that might eventually be included. Post-Rally, we can provide meaningful statistics for attendance and activities (e.g. emails sent, number of petition signatures, number of views for specific Rally content, etc) that our clients in turn can leverage for earned media or direct messaging to decision makers.


Contact Visuality to find out how effective - and cost-effective - a Virtual Rally can be for your organization.