Video & Audio


Short format video and audio programs are nearly perfect for telling a story: long enough for an audience to develop a real connection, short enough to hold their attention. Delivered on CD, DVD, Web sites, or podcasts, video and audio programming can stand alone or form a compelling and engaging part of a larger media package or live media presentation.


Visuality has taken dozens of short format video and audio programs from raw client concepts through storyboarding, production, editing, duplication, and distribution -- all controlled in-house. We've designed and printed labels and cases. We've integrated DVDs and CDs with larger printed packages (which we also designed). We've run the entire process from front to back with multiple supporting pieces all in play on the same production schedule, and we've always come in on time and on budget. Our quality and creativity are second to none, and our use of language is key to our continued success supporting client efforts as diverse as capital campaigns and grass-roots political activism.


Contact us to see how short format video and audio can be an effective player in your communications strategy.