TV & Radio


At Visuality, we've heard too many times to count that TV and radio are nearly dead, playing out their last moments to empty seats in the darkening shadows cast by the Web, mobile messaging, and viral marketing.


Nothing could be further from the truth.


No other medium reaches more eyes and ears than TV, and no other medium offers the targeting, cost-effectiveness, and local market penetration of terrestrial radio. Together, TV and radio offer the unmatched capability to deliver your messaging to nearly 100% of a chosen geographic area. And with the advent of digital television, HDTV, HD radio, and the explosion of cable and satellite TV channels, TV and radio will remain powerful messaging media into the foreseeable future.


Our award-winning team has years of experience producing, directing, editing, and placing TV and radio spots across the country. We've worked with clients to create ads that present the humorous, the poignant, the thoughtful, and the controversial -- all in service of the message. We carefully vet concepts and language to make the most of what our research tells us. We sweat the details of location and casting to ensure settings and performances bring the script to life. We shoot, record, and edit on the highest quality professional equipment. We buy air time using specialized software that gives us full access to metrics so we can maximize each buy dollar spent. And we cultivate long-term relationships with vendors to ensure our clients the lowest rates as well as matching unpaid media.


Of course, we use TV and radio to tell the parts of the full story that are appropriate to those media, then invite viewers and listeners to find out the rest of the story on targeted Web sites and Web pages. We also routinely take TV and radio spots and compress them for playback on the Web as a way to extend their life without the expense of continued airtime. And since we originate all our video and audio at the highest quality (often HD), our compressed files are cleaner and stream more smoothly than files that start out with less quality.


Let us put our creativity, experience, and expertise to work for you.