Talk to members and stakeholders
wherever they go online

Let's say you're a membership-based organization, one that advocates and fights for your members' interests. Let's also say your members - and everyone else who may be interested in what you have to say - are busy, professional people that are bombarded with information from many sources. How do you communicate with them? How do you energize and inspire them to action?


You could send e-mails. Lots of them. Maybe one email a week. Maybe ten. The big issue, as you quickly realize, is that e-mail inboxes are very crowded, very messy places, and your messages may not be the ones shouting the loudest for attention.


Or maybe you send postcards, letters, flyers, and door hangers, printing and postmarking each one, and watching with growing dismay as each round of mailings puts a big dent in your budget… With no way of knowing how many recipients actually open and read what you send.


We know your members and potential stakeholders, like most adults in the United States, spend hours upon hours online -- searching the Web, connecting with friends, watching videos, reading the news, catching up on sports scores… The list is endless. Wouldn't it be great if you could reach them where they live online? If there were some way to create and maintain a connection with them that allowed your organization to send them information, no matter where they went online?


Well, there is a way. And Visuality can help.


News headline updates about your organization's challenges and triumphs. Urgent calls to action in support of or in opposition to legislation. Countdowns to big scheduled events. Or even quirky, humorous messages that pull stakeholders to online viral videos. The list of uses for these connections is literally endless. And because your messages appear as organic parts of the Web sites your stakeholders frequent, there is little or no chance of message burnout.


Of course, since all this activity is happening online, we can track which sites are receiving messages, which users are clicking on which messages, and on and on. This, in turn, means we can refine the way we talk to members and stakeholders over time, resulting in even more effectiveness - and cost effectiveness.


Contact Visuality today to find out how we can deploy these online connections for your organization.