Media & Communication Strategy


How many ways are there now to get a message across? Broadcast television, cable television, terrestrial radio, newspapers, journals, magazines, direct mail, newsletters, flyers, broadsheets, brochures, static billboards, digital billboards, Web sites, Web ads, viral messaging, Web search, Facebook, event sponsorships...


The list is literally endless.


How many of these media types are appropriate for your message, budget, and timeline? That's a key question Visuality can help answer. With years of experience across the country crafting comprehensive and compelling campaigns, our team at Visuality can work with you to create a strategy that takes into account opinion research, available information about the groups to whom you're messaging, and media performance metrics (like TV ratings and Web site visitor stats). With a strategy in place, we can produce all the supporting creatives in-house, so the chain from planning to execution remains unbroken. Then, we can help you track how each component of your communications strategy is performing and make adjustments over time. The result? Maximum messaging effectiveness, minimum headache.