Visuality joined the Lautenschlager campaign early in the spring of 2002, as her message strategist, media buyer, and production firm. In addition to traditional duties like developing message and media strategy, producing radio and television ads, and implementing a statewide media buy, Visuality assisted the campaign in a number of additional ways, as well. From drafting Lautenschlager's Democratic Convention speech to helping with earned media and serving as a general advisor, Visuality played a huge role in the day-to-day campaign.

Visuality's media for Lautenschlager is widely considered to have made the difference in the race. From a classic bio spot highlighting Lautenschlager's endorsements and tough-on-crime credentials to a poignant ad telling the story of one of her biggest cases, Visuality framed Lautenschlager as a well-qualified, tough-as-nails prosecutor who stood up for people who couldn't stand up for themselves. In fact, Visuality's featured TV spot in the race, Jessyca, earned a national Pollie Award from the American Association of Political Consultants; and when it went on the air in October of 2002, it marked the turning point in the race.

After breezing through the primary election, Lautenschlager secured a hard-fought upset victory in the general election, 52% - 48% over her better-funded Republican opponent.