Visuality has been pioneering the use of creative, innovative online advertising and Web-based communications for advocacy groups and other progressive organizations all across the country. Not only is it a cost-effective approach, Web-based communications can provide more opportunity for productive engagement, audience targeting, and direct action than traditional media ever could.
  • Spread a public message widely through millions or tens of millions of impressions that reach every corner of your targeted state or region;
  • Dramatically increase online viewings of specific pieces of media by targeted, specified audiences;
  • Drive significant traffic back to a Web site, to expose the audience to more information, additional media, and specific action opportunities; and
  • Encourage participation in social networking, volunteer efforts, fundraising, and other important campaign-related efforts.

A recent client came to Visuality soon after spending a large budget on a "statewide" television campaign. That campaign lasted just one week, likely missed 10%-15% of the state, drove just over 10,000 visitors to their Web site, and ended up costing somewhere between $850,000 - $1 million.

Visuality then worked with this client to develop an aggressive online campaign-a combination of widely-dispersed display advertising, social networking and social media advertising, and Web video advertising-for a total budget of less than $100,000: approximately one-tenth of that client''s traditional media budget! We also created and placed the entire online campaign within just a few days.

  • A three-week campaign that touched every corner of the state;
  • More than 17 million total impressions of our message;
  • Web ads displayed on high-profile sites like,,,,,, and many more;
  • Nearly 1.5 million viewings of our :30-second and :15-second ads;
  • More than 10,000 full viewings of an extended two-minute video; and
  • Approximately 100,000 clickthroughs to the client's Web site!
Those results were tremendous, and they were accomplished all for a budget that was significantly less than the size of an effective traditional media campaign in the same state. In addition, we were also able to monitor the buy daily and adjust as necessary to drive up impressions on particularly valuable sites, or capitalize on the success of a particular component of the online campaign.

  • Get highly-effective, highly engaging campaign;
  • Drive ten, twenty, thirty, or forty times the traffic to your Web site; and
  • Build an army of motivated, engaged netroots supporters who you can deploy for future advocacy efforts.
And every step of the way, this approach allows you to monitor key metrics—impressions, media views, clickthroughs, and specific action items—so that we can make strategic decisions and adjustments to creatives, buy parameters, and support Web presences to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign.

This Web-based approach can represent an effective alternative—or the perfect complement—to traditional media, depending on your budget and strategy. Simply put: our web-based media and strategies can help you engage current members or supporters, reach the public, and dramatically increase traffic to your web site in an affordable, cost-effective way.

And through our carefully-cultivated relationships with providers and networks across the country, we can quickly and efficiently implement a campaign anywhere, exactly when you need it.

From member engagement to legislative activism to issue advocacy to direct involvement in election campaigns: Visuality's innovative, cost-effective web-based strategies—including big seed media, social networking strategies, aggressive advertising, and more—can help you achieve the results you need.
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