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Maryland State Teachers Association "Note"

Tennessee Education Association "Staying Involved", "First Day", "Together", "So Do We"

Greater Wisconsin Committee "Trash", "Picture", "Team"

Education Minnesota "Doors"

Southwest Health Center "Love Lights", "Mabel"

Woodburn, Kyle & Company: Boscobel Area Health Care "Healthcare for Life", "Our Mission: Your Health"

Wisconsin Education Association Council "We Are WEAC", "Someday", "Great Schools, A Special Report"

Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County "Caring and Compassion Close to Home"

Sussex Community Center "Building Community Connections"

Hilldale Mall "Your Life"

Employment Resources Inc. "Employment Initiatives"

Coalition of WI Aging Groups "24 Billion"

Madison Teachers Inc. "Classroom"

Wisconsin LECET "Your Training Center Is Your Ticket To A Better C"

EconoPrint "EC In-Store Animation"



West Virginia Education Association "American Education Week -- Mt. Rushmore"

Maryland State Teachers Association "Funding Our Future"

Wisconsin Education Association Council "2008 RA Video", "Someday"

Florida Education Association "2008 DA Video"

Ho-Chunk Nation "Unsung Heroes"

Woodburn, Kyle & Company "Hope and Healing Closer to Home"

Madison Teachers Inc. "Classroom"



American Sunrise "Fighter"

Illinois Education Association "The Phantom of Illinois"

McGee for State Senate "Searching for Carol Roessler"

Americans for a Brighter Tomorrow "Zombies"

Friends of Dave Hansen "Gary Drzweiecki's Tall Tales"

Lautenschlager for Attorney General "Jessyca"



American Sunrise "Fighter"

Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel "Mom's Got This"

Ho-Chunk Nation "Unplug"

Tennessee Education Association "Value"

Woodburn Kyle & Company: Taylorville Memorial Hospital "Bringing the Best to You"

Woodburn Kyle & Company: Aquatic Center at Baker Park "More Than Just a Swimming Pool"

Woodburn Kyle & Company: Highlands Foundation "Hope For Life"

Wisconsin Education Association Council "Instant Message", "Interfere", "Someday", "Working Together"

Education Minnesota "We're All Listening", "It All Starts Here"

Southwest Health Center "Mabel"

Lautenschlager for Attorney General "Jessyca"

Hilltop Neighborhood House "Sustaining a Community"



Soaring Eagle Waterpark and Hotel "What to Do!" (Emerging Media Award)

Madison Teachers Inc. "Classroom"



Madison Teachers Inc. "Classroom"

Employment Resources Inc. "Employment Initiatives"

United Way "Building a Strong Community"

Wisconsin Education Association Council "Great Schools Broadcast"



Wisconsin Education Association Council "Instant Message", "Great Schools", "Someday"



Florida Education Association "MOSAP Campaign"

West Virginia Education Association "Back to School PSA"



Wisconsin Education Association Council "Someday"