Social Networking Strategy:
Expand Your Network

Are you maximizing the potential of your social networking efforts? Expand your social networks. Add more fans and followers. Build your netroots army today. Before it’s too late.




Messaging through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking and social media sites can be an extremely effective method of spreading your message and engaging activists where and when you need them: during high stakes election campaigns, testy legislative battles, rapid-response PR efforts, member-building campaigns, and other moments critical to the well-being of your association.


However, your social networking strategy does not give you the edge you need if your social networking audience is not as large as it could be.


How many of your members and potential supporters are you currently engaged with under your current social networking strategy?


30%? 40%? 50%?


If so, you are on the right track. But if those numbers seem high to you, then it is time to take aggressive steps to expand your social network.


Visuality can help. Our experience in the social networking world gives us strategic insight into how to actively accumulate significantly more fans for organizations like yours, so you can get your critical messages out to more people. Knowing how to systematically reach out to people is a powerful grass-roots technique, and Visuality is ahead of the curve on knowing how to successfully engage more people through social networking. Our outreach strategy is extremely effective.





Visuality has all of the tools and expertise needed to actively pursue your members, potential members, and other supportive social community members who could be interested in what you have to say, but who may not currently be part of your social networking strategy. We work behind the scenes to monitor, research, and implement a specific social networking strategy for your organization with the goal of significantly boosting links and traffic to your social networking sites.


Our social networking strategy includes:

  • Comprehensive front-end cross-tabulations of current member lists to maximize initial member outreach;
  • Leveraging existing social networks of similar groups or communities with similar priorities, focus, etc.;
  • Continually monitoring group activity and actively pursuing new leads and contacts as they become available;
  • Messaging to network of social media users by writing content for posting to other social networking and social media sites;
  • Engaging with current fans & followers and using them as influencers to encourage their broader network to learn more about you;
  • Programming special pages/items on your social sites to encourage participation, such as creating fun, informational games, engaging media, and contests for people to interact with and share with others; and
  • Offering exclusive content only available on social media sites to draw potential fans.


A successful social networking strategy takes a dedicated, knowledgeable team committed to researching and implementing a strategy specifically targeting people who are interested in what you have to say. Visuality’s team has what it takes for success, and we get results.




Cultivation of the social networking and social media communities—through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other key outlets—is critical to an organization’s netroots efforts and long-term viability. The benefits of using an aggressive social networking strategy, as outlined above, include, among others:


  • You will reach audiences that you might not otherwise have access to if you only rely on referrals from your current fan's friends, colleagues, family, etc.

  • You determine the amount of work you put in. Visuality works behind the scenes and seamlessly adds to your social networking community.

  • You will see increased interest/activity on your social networking and social media sites.

  • We will dramatically increase your social networking community. This gives you the opportunity to use social networking for its intended purpose: to deploy messages for sharing, which allows for rapid response and quick engagement of supporters.


The sooner you act, the sooner you can reap the rewards of our social networking strategy.





Many associations and organizations are investing significant time and resources in posting to and updating their social networking sites. However, in the end, those messages are still going to a narrow, limited audience, because they do not have a complete social networking strategy. They have a great grasp of content, but they simply do not have the staff resources or know-how necessary to cultivate new contacts, in order to actively and aggressively grow their social network. As a result, their social networking presence remains an essentially untapped source of potential power, outreach, and activism.


Visuality can help.


Let us help you maximize your social networking strategy today.