The MAC’s purpose is to cultivate and engage a community of netroots activists primarily composed of NYSUT members, but also including non-member activists who are interested in the association’s core issues: education, health care, protecting working families, and fairness in taxation, among many others.

The primary goals of the NYSUT MAC are to:

  1. Provide an easy, action-focused Web center for NYSUT members that maximizes action- conversions and facilitates ongoing netroots activism.
  2. Increase NYSUT’s list of E-Activists: members (and friends) who are regularly engaged to cyber-lobby and take action on behalf of the association.
  3. Cultivate an engaged social networking community of politically-focused members and other friendly activists.


The NYSUT Member Action Center usage numbers include:

   More than 750,000 faxes sent.

   More than 56,000 E-Activist signups.

   More than 48,000 Facebook fans.

And those are just “topline” metrics.

For more information about the NYSUT Member Action Center and how it can be adapted for your organization, contact us at or (608) 271-3305 x221.