This live, one-hour event — hosted by Kerry Kennedy and featuring union leaders, human rights activists, and a celebrated documentary filmmaker — was Webcast in real time from Chestnut Ridge Middle School in Spring Valley, NY, and viewed by teachers, students, union members, and human rights activists all across New York and beyond. Combining cutting-edge technology and detailed planning with a compelling and important message, the event was used to launch a new human rights curriculum in New York.
Visuality worked closely with NYSUT and the RFK Center to pull off the educational, moving event championing human rights and encouraging students across New York to become involved. Our team provided multiple prepackaged video bumpers, broadcast-quality HD shooting equipment, on-location compressors and encoders to take video and audio and make it Web-ready, and a streaming media server system with multiple backups. We uploaded the live video feed and streamed it to participating locations, scheduled out the agenda to make it compelling, and directed the live event—both on-the-ground in New York and from our Web headquarters in Madison, WI.

NYSUT leaders, the RFK Center, and others hailed the live Web program as a huge success. New York media outlets featured the Internet event on the evening news, bloggers highlighted the message to support human rights, and students who watched the live event were moved to tears.

With the increasing proliferation of broadband connections across the globe, live streaming Web events can combine the powerful impact and immediacy of video with the flexibility of a Web browser interface. Think of the impact you could make with a live Web event to spread your important message. A Web program has no time limits, no content restrictions and can be accessed nearly everywhere around the world. Afterwards, the event can be made available in its entirety for others to view and experience.

Visuality has the experience, technical expertise, and creative support to design a Web event that will knock your audience's socks off.

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