Visuality developed the innovative, aggressive Keep the Promise campaign to help spark a grassroots movement that eventually made its mark on the Florida Governor himself and halted the damaging legislation from becoming reality.
Visuality proposed an aggressive, creative big seed campaign combined with a traditional media campaign to stop SB 6 from becoming law in Florida. Big seed strategies cost significantly less than traditional communications and create opportunities for interaction and message referral that dramatically increase their effectiveness.

In Florida, the big seed strategy began with the development of a simple message that would drive all media and communications: a call to FEA members, the public, and elected officials to "Keep the Promise: Make Our Schools a Priority."

Visuality knew connecting with FEA members was the first step to make the big seed method effective. Visuality reached out to FEA members via the internet with creative e-mails, videos, and Facebook and Twitter updates.

The next step was to promote and devise a build up to the Keep the Promise Virtual Rally. By using a mix of social and traditional media, Visuality promoted the virtual rally with daily e-mails, Facebook messages, Tweets, and a countdown design on billboards around the state to trigger interest in the rally. The cyberspace rally featured an inspiring video, on-line petition, and electronic letters to legislators that rally participants could immediately send to their local lawmakers.

The social media was complemented by using the Keep the Promise theme in television and newspaper ads, as well as on billboards in an effort to involve more people in the fight against SB 6.

All of the media, social and traditional, pointed the public back to the Visuality-developed Keep the Promise: Make Our Schools a Priority website, which became the hub for all communications during the ferocious lobbying effort.
The blend of social and traditional media in the Keep the Promise campaign ignited a massive grassroots movement that ultimately stopped SB 6 from becoming law. Headlines across the nation, including the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, announced FEA's triumphant win for education.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist said this was the most aggressive response he had ever seen on an issue, "The incredible outpouring of opposition from parents, teachers, students, principals, and administrators has greatly influenced my decision (to veto SB 6). Hundreds of thousands of people sent e-mails, letters, and called over and over and over again. It's the voice of the people that was heard."

The Keep the Promise Virtual Rally was also a terrific success. Overall, tens of thousands of contacts were generated directly from the Visuality-produced Make Our Schools a Priority website.

Watch this video to see the details of how this amazing victory for Florida educators fell into place and changed the political landscape in Florida.
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